Princeton Wesleyan Church

Princeton Wesleyan Church 421 E. Dover Rd, Princeton IL, 61356

Services are Sunday at 10:15 am

We'd love to see you! - We meet together on Sunday mornings at 10:15 am.

PWC Weekend Message

Forgiveness -- Deep Dive

Forgiveness is no easy task. And yet God's command to forgive others is unmistakable. We can clearly see His instructions on this topic throughout the gospels. Matthew 6:15, Mark 11:26.

Self preservation is our natural response to pain. When we've been hurt there is a drive to close off and do what seems necessary to avoid any repeat of that wound. Although self-preservation is not bad in itself, Satan can twist that situation to be doubly bad for us when we don't forgive.

But how do we forgive when the wound is deep and the offender may or may not want forgiveness? God does not ask us to forgive and then expect us to manage it on our own. Let's dive deep and see what God requires and how He will help us through this healing process.

Focus on Prayer

As part of our PWC Renew Process we are putting a focus on prayer. We hope the calendar below will guide your personal prayer time and unite us around common prayer themes.

PWC Renew Prayer Calendar - August 2022

Our God

We Believe

Make Room

As PWC walks through our revitalization process we are taking a look at our church values and digging deeper into why we put emphasis on those ideals.

PWC Revitalization Path(Video) - Revitalization Plan(Document)

Children's E-Church

Hey kiddos,

We hope you have enjoyed the Saddleback Kids' videos. Check out their Youtube channel and explore their other great Bible stories and resources.